Green Technology In Africa

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy In Africa

Africa is without a doubt the continent with the largest number of developing countries with large poverty levels. Technological innovation, however, is the key to improving Africa’s state of development. This is the reason that certain good willed organizations such as Africa’s Movers and Shakers meet with the purpose of making Africa a better place to be live for generations to come.

Their most recent meeting held at the World Economic Forum in Kigali Rwanda, where the discussion entailed how the digital economy can propel the radical change the continent needs.

Despite the desperate need for the African continent to be digitized. If it is to compete with other first world countries in the future it is important to consider at what cost. By cost, the resources needed to develop the continent technologically is not the main concern but rather the cost to the environment.… Read the rest

How to Properly Size an Off-Grid Home Solar System

Off-Grid Solar System

With the increased need for sustainable and eco-friendly practices, it is no surprise that one of the biggest proponents of solar energy and other renewable forms of energy is the government. The government may offer benefits and incentives to encourage and motivate people to use off-grid home solar system power.

Homeowners and other property owners have two options when it comes to solar power; off-grid systems and on-grid solar power systems.

The off-grid home solar systems, also known as stand-alone solar power systems are not connected in any way to the grid. The solar system is responsible for catering to the electricity needs of the home/building. To buy one of these systems you need to make sure you get the proper size system and according to, you should calculate carefully.Read the rest