Green Technology In Africa

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy In Africa

Africa is without a doubt the continent with the largest number of developing countries with large poverty levels. Technological innovation, however, is the key to improving Africa’s state of development. This is the reason that certain good willed organizations such as Africa’s Movers and Shakers meet with the purpose of making Africa a better place to be live for generations to come.

Their most recent meeting held at the World Economic Forum in Kigali Rwanda, where the discussion entailed how the digital economy can propel the radical change the continent needs.

Despite the desperate need for the African continent to be digitized. If it is to compete with other first world countries in the future it is important to consider at what cost. By cost, the resources needed to develop the continent technologically is not the main concern but rather the cost to the environment.… Read the rest

Solar Power Transforming Sub-Saharan Africa

Off Grid Living

Solar Power

Necessity has always been known to be the inspiration for innovation. Hence, some people saw the need for having the largest computer that ran on solar power energy. Also, the computer would have the capabilities that would equal the capacities of a computer that can achieve the power of quantum-enabled gadgets. Also, the project initiates by the primary aim of assisting Africans who reside in the continent of Africa and specifically in the rural regions.

The computer that goes by the name Walty Funding was brought into existence courtesy of a Spanish-Italian start-up. The primary mission of the start-up was to provide clean water, electricity and also internet services that could be able to change the economy as well as the lives of economies across the African region that is rural.… Read the rest

Solar Generators For Homes In Africa

Mintainace - Solar Energy

Solar Energy Generators In Africa

It is no mystery that Africa is known to be the continent with the highest number of under-developed and developing countries. One of the major factors that make this fact reality is the lack of sustainable power. Most people sit back in their little towns and complain about their governments’ incompetence. As well as the squandering of public funds rather than using it to provide electricity to their villages and homesteads.

Otherwise known as rural electrification. What if you did not have to depend on electricity wired from an unknown location that you did not know? What if you could generate your electricity from a source that never goes out, is affordable and green? Well, with a solar power generator, you can achieve these goals.… Read the rest

Soular Backpack Buy One Give One In Africa

Solar Energy

Backpack In Africa

Salim Visram is the name behind Soular company, a visionary twenty-three-year-old who touch and inspired by how poverty struck children in rural areas in Kenya where unable to adequately conduct their studies due to inadequate light energy. This observation made her take it upon herself to develop a solution which entailed a Solar-powered backpack.

Visram through her Soular product which is the Solar-powered backpack has not only to decrease the expense incurred by African children. Through the regular purchase of kerosene to fuel carcinogenic kerosene lamps and worked on reducing the vicious cycle of poverty. That hinders African children from furthering their studies, by providing a source of sustainable energy.

The Soular is launching their all-new one for one model set for sale across North America.… Read the rest