See Who Is Helping Nigeria’s Women

Sustainable living For SLA

She Leads Africa Sustainable Living: A Rousing Platform For Young African Women

Women across Africa have been left behind for a long time as far as matters to do with entrepreneurship and development, in general, is concerned. It is the recognition of this gap that Yasmin Belo-Osagie in conjunction with her business partner, Afua Osei, founded She Lead Africa (SLA) back in 2014. The two young women armed with creative minds as well as a vast network developed over their travels around the earth decided to set the ball rolling from their humble beginnings in Lagos, Nigeria.

She Leads Africa provides a platform on which entrepreneurial ideas for young women. These ideas across Africa are shared, nurtured and even ultimately developed into thriving businesses. The organization followed the trials and tested business incubator model where the focus is on start-up companies run by women.… Read the rest