How to Properly Size an Off-Grid Home Solar System

Off-Grid Solar System

With the increased need for sustainable and eco-friendly practices, it is no surprise that one of the biggest proponents of solar energy and other renewable forms of energy is the government. The government may offer benefits and incentives to encourage and motivate people to use off-grid home solar system power.

Homeowners and other property owners have two options when it comes to solar power; off-grid systems and on-grid solar power systems.

The off-grid home solar systems, also known as stand-alone solar power systems are not connected in any way to the grid. The solar system is responsible for catering to the electricity needs of the home/building. To buy one of these systems you need to make sure you get the proper size system and according to, you should calculate carefully.Read the rest

Solar Power Transforming Sub-Saharan Africa

Off Grid Living

Solar Power

Necessity has always been known to be the inspiration for innovation. Hence, some people saw the need for having the largest computer that ran on solar power energy. Also, the computer would have the capabilities that would equal the capacities of a computer that can achieve the power of quantum-enabled gadgets. Also, the project initiates by the primary aim of assisting Africans who reside in the continent of Africa and specifically in the rural regions.

The computer that goes by the name Walty Funding was brought into existence courtesy of a Spanish-Italian start-up. The primary mission of the start-up was to provide clean water, electricity and also internet services that could be able to change the economy as well as the lives of economies across the African region that is rural.… Read the rest