Sustainable Living Using Solar Heatings

Sustainable Living

Over the recent past, one of the most popular narratives championed by socioeconomic reformers is the one that advocates for sustainable lifestyle choices. Numerous non-governmental agencies, social enterprises as well as organizations have been at the forefront driving the message of going green.

The idea that there are ways we can comfortably meet all our current economic and social needs without necessarily depleting natural resources for future generation has been gradually gaining traction in all regions of the globe. Most governments around the world are now recognizing the importance of this paradigm shift to sustainability and are even supporting the efforts to adopt technological innovations that embrace conservation.

Despite this, very few people on the ground understand the meaning of sustainable living and how they can participate individually. The information disseminated on sustainable lifestyle changes sometimes comes across as too technical for the man on the street to digest let alone invest in the innovations that espouse the said changes.

One of the most profound ways or approaches that individuals can take up sustainable living is by cutting down the amount of power they consume from non-renewable sources. That essentially means reducing your consumption of power generated from sources like gasoline powered generators and other fossil fuels.

There are of course technological limitations as far as replacing all our energy sources is concerned, but that does not mean one cannot at least make a few changes. That can contribute to the decrease of our overall carbon footprint. Investing in solar water heating is among the most feasible ways you can help the sustainable living and ultimately reduce your total energy costs. Below are some of the key reasons why you should give this modern day innovation a try.

Cost Implication


Energy from the sun is free. Once you incur the initial cost of installing your solar water heating system, you will not be receiving any monthly bills related to the amount of energy you have consumed. It is important to note that unlike the conventional solar photovoltaic cells which generate the electricity. Solar water heating systems work by directly using the energy from the sun to heat your water.

The water can then be stored inadequately insulated vessel for future consumption or tapped for instant usage. Therefore, you do not need to additionally invest in electrical wiring and appliances. That is used to convert the energy into heat thus saving you some amount.

Most solar water heating systems come with extended warranties. It means that you will use them for quite some time before you require to replace. You will also incur minimum maintenance costs over the course of the equipment lifespan.

Minimal Environmental Effects

One of the most prohibitive reasons that prevent the adoption of new energy production innovations. There is the fact that most of them come with far-reaching ecological impacts. A lot of renewable energies such as hydroelectric power plants and wind turbines require intensive environmental impact assessment before the green lights.

Since such projects can only be economically feasible when carried out on a large scale. They need substantial financial investment from the government. With solar water heating systems, though, you would rarely require any environmental impact evaluation approval from the authorities.

Cash-In On Rebates


With the ongoing concerted efforts to get people to adopt sustainable living for practices. Most governments are offering incentives for individuals choosing solar water heating systems over traditional systems. The equipment needed for installation is highly subsidized. You can earn renewable energy credits that can be redeemed from your other utility bills.


As long as you live in an area where you receive a considerable amount of sunshine. During the day, your solar water heating system will always work whenever you need. You will no longer have to worry about power blackouts and any external interference beyond your control.


Safety, of course, ranks high as one of the factors often considered before installing an appliance in any household. Solar water heaters are specially designed with security in mind. They do not have any moving parts or electrical wiring that may malfunction and pose a hazard to your household or the entire neighborhood. Once the whole system has been fitted, usually on your roof, any member of your family can use the hot water safely.


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