Sustainable Design Examples In South Africa

Sustainable Living

World’s most talented designers hail from South Africa, and collection of proving to support the facts are here with us. Starting with a collection of shipping containers that are reconstructed to build an orphanage known as New Jerusalem Orphanage. That shows sustainable design in the Karoo Wilderness Centre which is the country’s first Hemp House. Whereby it shows how diversity has occurred in the building industry.

A unique selection of materials which are fused together to bring sustainable designs is used hence placing the country at a better position globally and pleasing people from the locality.

Visserhoek School

Visserhoek Sustainable Living

We will have a greater depth of the different designs which will give us greater clarity of why the country does have broad global interest. During the country’s world cup completion in 2010, a discovery of the Tsai Design was made. Designers behind the construction of the building are determined and have continuously been using their know-how to create designs that do inspire people socially and also eco-friendly.

Visserhoek School is an institution which is located in a town not far from Cape Town. That was built in a special selection of shipping containers recycled to give hope of a better learning environment to children from the poverty-stricken home. Paints that were used to inspire the children to study hence transforming their lives since they are bold and appealing to the eyes.

House In The Tree

House in the treetop is another stunning building which sits on treetops. Having been designed by Van Der Merwe Miszweski Architects, the house is wrapped in glass under a canopy which towers the pine trees, hence bringing luxury to the occupants. With Table Mountain Views this building clearly shows how diversity has been embraced in the construction industry and also shows a talented design.

Hemp House

Tony Budden partnered with Duncan Parker to come up with the design that is they acquired using narcotic known as hemp. They were able to fuse the materials and come up with an appealing design which brings sustainable life. The fibre which is renewable was used to construct the first hemp house in South Africa.

The design is popular due to the wild nature of using the material, and this has made the two designs known worldwide by people from different walks of life and calibre. It’s roofed using a verdant which is green; it’s located outside of Cape Town.

Karoo Wilderness Centre

Sustainable Living

Karoo Wilderness Centre is a place which shows us the magic that does exist through the blending of nature to bring new life to the desert. Visitors get overwhelmed by the fauna which does surround the region. Having being built in the desert Field Architecture was used to bring forth a spectacular landscape by capturing rainwater which brings forth life a sustainable life in the area. Water is life hence it brings forth a beautiful scenery in the desert which is unbelievable and stunning.

 New Jerusalem Orphanage

There is also a beautiful orphanage known as The New Jerusalem Orphanage which was started by two sisters. That is how were touched by the fact that many children had become homeless in the country. 4D and Architects designed the building using shipping materials that are pocket-friendly. This is a home for eighty orphans; it has stunning features of brightly coloured, illuminated rooms and inspiring mosaic detailing.

House Abo

Last but not least, is House Abo which brings forth a design of the most recent solar system knowledge. Having being designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects the house which is energy efficient. It is wrapped in glass, features a pooled series and water features that do create a beautiful leisure place. Also, incorporates a comfortable microclimate to sway away steamy summers in the country.

Having been a country that is well endowed with gold South Africa. That has other things to boast about since it’s well known globally for the several features in it. A great history of its independence also makes it a centre of interest. Since the colonizers found it hard to go away from a country with precious dimes.

Culture also makes it known worldwide with the different tribes. Their culture was not eroded by the colonialism in the country. All in all, designs were our centre of interest. If it were not for them, we would not be discussing this, wouldn’t we?

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