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Salim Visram is the name behind Soular company, a visionary twenty-three-year-old who touch and inspired by how poverty struck children in rural areas in Kenya where unable to adequately conduct their studies due to inadequate light energy. This observation made her take it upon herself to develop a solution which entailed a Solar-powered backpack.

Visram through her Soular product which is the Solar-powered backpack has not only to decrease the expense incurred by African children. Through the regular purchase of kerosene to fuel carcinogenic kerosene lamps and worked on reducing the vicious cycle of poverty. That hinders African children from furthering their studies, by providing a source of sustainable energy.

The Soular is launching their all-new one for one model set for sale across North America. This initiative, however, is not all, Vikram’s idea is to gift a needy child in East Africa with a Solar-powered backpack with every sale of the one for one Soular backpack. Up to now, the Soular Company has distributed these incredible bags to more than five hundred children.

Solar Energy Bags

A significant fact about this product is that each backpack donated to a child. That can sustain three children from a particular family. Visram’s initial crowdfunding campaign which launched her Soular Company. It is raised a grand fifty thousand dollars exceeding its goal by twenty-five percent.

The one for one campaign this time round entails the sale of new and trendy backpacks on HSN in collaboration with Disney. Speaking of Disney, it goes without saying that there is a movie include. The film, Queen of Katwe which is an actual rural place in Uganda. That has the kerosene lamp central to the plot of the story.

The movie is starred by Oscar award-winning actress Lupita Nong’s, a Hollywood actress of Kenyan descent which is one of the countries benefiting from the Solar-powered backpacks campaign. Lupita, as a supporter of this empowering campaign, went to Katie in Uganda and distributed the Solar-powered backpacks to some of the children that need them. She has gone a little further and added her quote, “The power is in your step.” On all backpack.

The one for one Solar-powered backpack, It is which goes at the price of forty-nine dollars, and ninety-five cents. It is available in two awesome colours that are navy and white. The backpack has given a stylish design to make sure you look awesome. Even as you adopt the use of solar energy and environmental conservation. You can visualize the bag’s style for yourself. It entails a thirteen laptop sleeve, gold zippers, and faux leather pulls; now you be the judge.

Salim Visram is a visionary, idealistic and youthful individual with a lot to offer through her Soular Company. She wants to create a holistic system of interventions and solutions. That gives the needy people that are poor children in Africa and all over the world. It is the ability to relieve themselves of poverty. And the one for one Solar-powered backpack is the product that begins this change.

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