Solar Power Transforming Sub-Saharan Africa

Solar Power

Necessity has always been known to be the inspiration for innovation. Hence, some people saw the need for having the largest computer that ran on solar power energy. Also, the computer would have the capabilities that would equal the capacities of a computer that can achieve the power of quantum-enabled gadgets. Also, the project initiates by the primary aim of assisting Africans who reside in the continent of Africa and specifically in the rural regions.

The computer that goes by the name Walty Funding was brought into existence courtesy of a Spanish-Italian start-up. The primary mission of the start-up was to provide clean water, electricity and also internet services that could be able to change the economy as well as the lives of economies across the African region that is rural.

Walty In Africa

Solar Power

As large as Africa is, we will just sample an area such as sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa has a population of approximately 625 million people that are living without electricity. The correct figure states that approximately more than two-thirds of the populations are the ones living without electricity.

 Also, 40% do not have access to clean and safe water. The innovation mainly inspires by the need to ensure that people would have access to some of the mandatory features of civilization. The escapade of bringing such technology into existence is among the ways of bringing the population closer to the centre of the 21st century.

As always, every great idea has its genesis. Hence, as soon as the idea is to accomplish to be achievable, it is always used through a patenting process. About the technology under discussion, we can see that the system operates by being powered by solar energy. The solar power is harvested from the Sun through the use of photovoltaic panels, and the energy is converted to electricity with the aid of a battery that has a rating of 140 kWh.

The Capabilities Of The Technology

The technology is patented and has three capabilities. Among the capabilities is water treatment. The water treatment uses a filtering process that uses graphene. The screening process is carried out before the water is distilled and also boiled at the same time. As for the process, we can see it as efficient as it can deliver 5,000 litres of drinking water each day. Also, the water is completely safe for human consumption.

The battery that is incorporated into the system also provides power to the connectivity region which is tasked with the provision of access to the internet within a radius of 800 meters. Also, the battery also acts as a charging station for both mobile and also electronic devices.

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions


The Walty technology has been in existence for quite some time. Over the 15 years that the technology in use, it is considered that one Walty computer can reduce emissions that can equal 2,500 tons of gasses that are as a result of greenhouse emissions.

Since the project was the main target towards the rural African regions, the prototype gets tests in the rural regions of Ghana. Hence, the following step after the testing of the prototype is unveiling the technology all across the African continent. Towards the unveiling process, Nigeria, and Sudan will treats as the countries of which the technology will be availed first.

Walty Funding

Technology always comes into existence with the sole aim of acting as a solution to a problem. As well as acting as a source of revenue. Hence, sometimes investors chip in so as to assist in the funding. And also become shareholders in an upcoming business that is on the rise and also profitable as well. With this as the case, the Walty technology receives help from various organizations and a funding of 1.4 million euros get to receive from the research funding program of the European Union.

Such funding from such organizations signifies that people have a vision for the project. That aims at making a huge impact in the rural regions of Africa. With three key benefits, the project is set to bring Africa to a whole new level that will be more develop and have a good manner of modern living just as required in the 21st Century. As said by the innovators, it is impossible to change the world without incorporating the human factor in any innovation.


From the technology under discussion, we can see that change leads to the creation of technology. That brings about a significant impact on the world. The impact observes as solving the various problems that are a menace to the world, and specifically rural regions in Africa. As they were the primary target during the coming of the Walty technology. Also, we can see that the robotics technology is on the rise. Since it is in the pursuit of making work easier.

Besides, it his noted that the women in rural areas in Africa are mostly working as housewives. Therefore cannot have the chance of working in high paying jobs just like women in developed countries. Robotic technologies such as the robotic floor cleaners are designs to help African women free themselves for high-paying careers.

Therefore, we can see that the technology known as Walty. It is in the pursuit of ensuring the rising of rural Africa into a developed nation. As a result, with such technology on the rise, like women empowerment will be among the major factors. Hence, we can see that technology is among the major contributors to every economy.

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