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She Leads Africa Sustainable Living: A Rousing Platform For Young African Women

Women across Africa have been left behind for a long time as far as matters to do with entrepreneurship and development, in general, is concerned. It is the recognition of this gap that Yasmin Belo-Osagie in conjunction with her business partner, Afua Osei, founded She Lead Africa (SLA) back in 2014. The two young women armed with creative minds as well as a vast network developed over their travels around the earth decided to set the ball rolling from their humble beginnings in Lagos, Nigeria.

She Leads Africa provides a platform on which entrepreneurial ideas for young women. These ideas across Africa are shared, nurtured and even ultimately developed into thriving businesses. The organization followed the trials and tested business incubator model where the focus is on start-up companies run by women.

The primary drive behind SLA is to create a brand that young women throughout Africa can identify with. It works as a motivation that despite the numerous challenges faced by the girl child born in Africa. The Success achieves by the male-dominated business world.

SLA Events

Sustainable Living In Africa

One of the main events that She Leads Africa regularly hosts the Annual pitch competition. The top-billed event which gains prominence in the media that first is in September 2014. It follows the traditional business pitching format. Whereby young female entrepreneurs are getting a chance to present their best business ideas before a panel of judges and fellow women.

The most viable and innovative idea is the reward as a cash prize of $ 10,000 while the first and second runners-up get $ 5,000 and $ 1,000 respectively. All these funds are used for the growth of the businesses. It is presented by the winners with the assistance of the SLA’s incubation program.

SLA Accelerator Demo Day

Sustainable Living

More often than not, critics are usually quick to jump to the conclusion that benefactors of such awards. As the one initiated by SLA rarely goes on to realize their full potential in the complex business world. She Leads Africa Accelerator Demo day to come into existence as an occasion to showcase successful enterprises.

That have undergone a 3-month mentorship program under the tutelage of selected industry titans and SLA personnel. The public, senior corporate executives, the press as well as potential investors are usually gathering to attend these symposiums. The exposure and motivation that young business women get during the event cannot be pre-state by the anyone.


Over the years, SLA has built lasting partnerships with similarly minded organizations such as Work in Progress! Alliance and Guaranty Trust Bank. The joint venture seeks to establish sustainable living business opportunities and employment for young women throughout the African continent.

In addition to that, the SLA Accelerator program is one of the leading 16 global business incubator platforms. That was forming the Village Capital Community (VilCap). This is a global entrepreneurship community that enables individual members to utilize peer-selected investment to support ventures. Either they are the local region or whatever the region is they are around the world.

With such outstanding achievements, it comes as no surprise that SLA has recognized and celebrated on such auspicious days like the most recent International Women’s Day.

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