Green Technology In Africa

Renewable Energy In Africa

Africa is without a doubt the continent with the largest number of developing countries with large poverty levels. Technological innovation, however, is the key to improving Africa’s state of development. This is the reason that certain good willed organizations such as Africa’s Movers and Shakers meet with the purpose of making Africa a better place to be live for generations to come.

Their most recent meeting held at the World Economic Forum in Kigali Rwanda, where the discussion entailed how the digital economy can propel the radical change the continent needs.

Despite the desperate need for the African continent to be digitized. If it is to compete with other first world countries in the future it is important to consider at what cost. By cost, the resources needed to develop the continent technologically is not the main concern but rather the cost to the environment. Global warming is real, and constant ignoring the signs is useless.  Why not embrace the knowledge and use renewable energy to improve Africa?

So the big idea is to make Africa a technologically improved and at the same time ecologically conscious continent. This plan entails the embrace of renewable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions among other measures that could be taken to fight the ever impending threat of global warming for the sake of the generations to come.

Africa as a continent is quite vulnerable to climate change as it contributes 2.3% of global Carbon IV Oxide emissions. The primary reason for this figure is because most African countries have a huge population of up to six hundred and twenty-one million people who have no access to electric power. This lack leads them to depend on fossil fuels for the energy they require for their daily  living.

Unlike the other parts of the world where the carbon print is as a result of already developed industries which could take a lot of work to reverse. The reason for Africa’s carbon print gives it the advantage of being reversible. Africa has the chance to make technological advancements with the knowledge and consideration of environmental conservation. The following are the factors to examine in making an all developed and green Africa.

Proper Leadership


It is a common complaint about African leaders and corruption once they get to power positions in their governments. They are commonly known to focus on the short-term political, self-improvement goals of their offices. Hence making very minimal development if not none the people that chose them. Putting enough finances in the infrastructure sector to fund the installation of energy. More importantly green energy in relevant areas this would be a step in a development direction.

Leaders also make rules and regulations that govern businesses industries including the carbon IV oxide emitting ones. They should use this power rather responsibly by taxing this carbon IV oxide emitting industries. On their emissions rather subsidizing their products which serve more as an encouragement.

Government leaders are, however, not the only ones charged with the responsibility of making a digitized and green Africa. Corporate leaders also have a role to play which entails using their numerous resources to fund low carbon development ideas across African countries.

Education Systems


Education is the most basic idea of any developmental idea, especially when talking about technology. It is for this reason that the school systems in these African countries are developing. That can give the developing children ideas and the importance of being innovative as well as environmentally conscious.

It is imperative that children in schools know the importance of renewable energy such as sunlight for solar panels, hydroelectric power, and even wind. The education system should as well incorporate the study of biotechnology and relevant factors such farming strategies. These strategies are deal with diseases pests and drought.

The education of these African children needs reinforcement. Some African children lack basic learning resources including electricity which is discouraging factor for most even for those willing to learn. This energy should be a major consideration to installing in their education system. Also, give them a chance to change their future outcomes.

Merging Technology

New and advanced technology will be Africa’s boost from the dependence on fossil fuels. But, it is important to seek low carbon and renewable energy sources like solar panels which are a most common alternative.

Africa as a developing continent will thrive since it is adopting many new technologies. It is, therefore, smart to look back at some long-term tools left for the future by the ancestors. This way old technology skills of farsightedness merging with the many new technologies. These could be a major key for a developed green Africa.

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