How Cape Town Has Avoided The Dreaded Day Zero

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The most feared Day Zero made headlines during the more significant part of 2018 in Cape Town due to various reasons. On this day, it was anticipated that all water tapes would run dry due to persistent drought in the Western Cape region. Despite being a coastal city, there were fears that Cape Town would face severe clean water shortages never experienced before.

However, the dreaded Day Zero did not happen as expected, but the water crisis is not yet over. The water levels of all inland dams that supply fresh water to Cape Town residents remain critically low. The good thing is that water challenges are now manageable as various stakeholders have come up with different measures to avert the problem.

People from different parts of the globe can draw many lessons about how to save water from the Cape Town catastrophe.… Read the rest

African Farmers Find Solutions For Sustainable Agriculture

Green Revolution For Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living Solutions For Farmers

The concept of green revolution dates back to the early 1930s. When large-scale mechanization and adoption of technological innovations was embraced as a way to improve crop yields and overall agricultural efficiency. Among the important drivers of this movement include people like the geneticist Nazareno Strampelli and Norman Borlaug. Who has been recognized as the “father of the green revolution.”

Norman was eventually awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his extensive work. That reformed the irrigation techniques, farm management, distribution of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and other farm inputs that contribute to high yielding crops.… Read the rest

How To Save Water In Africa And Around The World

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water is a valuable resource in our environment. Small adjustments done daily on our routines can make a big difference when it comes to conserving water. Water conservation is a practice that is being done everywhere even in areas where there is an abundance of water.

By conserving water, we can prevent water pollution and also cut down on water bills. There are many ways as well as approaches in which you can save water in your environs. When you are not using water, make sure to close taps to save water and also fix drips from water taps to avoid wasting water.

You can also opt to take shorter showers to reduce the amount of water that gets wasted. You can also choose to invest in water-efficient goods like shower heads, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers.… Read the rest