New Homes in African are Adopting Energy Efficient Design Elements

sustainable living in modern african house

There is no doubt that Africa’s real estate sector is still young and underdeveloped. Currently, all indications are that the real estate sector in Africa is growing fast. According to analysts, this is due to the growing population levels in Africa as well as a rising middle class. For example, the continent’s current population of over 1 billion people is expected to double within 40 years. Some reports also project that by 2030, the population in African cities and urban areas will increase by 300 million people.

Indeed, according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the global building industry accounts for 30% of annual carbon emissions. The carbon emission highlights the growing need for green and sustainable practices within the real estate sector. Luckily, one energy-efficient design element that is quickly growing in popularity and that is the modern electric fireplace inserts.… Read the rest

See Who Is Helping Nigeria’s Women

Sustainable living For SLA

She Leads Africa Sustainable Living: A Rousing Platform For Young African Women

Women across Africa have been left behind for a long time as far as matters to do with entrepreneurship and development, in general, is concerned. It is the recognition of this gap that Yasmin Belo-Osagie in conjunction with her business partner, Afua Osei, founded She Lead Africa (SLA) back in 2014. The two young women armed with creative minds as well as a vast network developed over their travels around the earth decided to set the ball rolling from their humble beginnings in Lagos, Nigeria.

She Leads Africa provides a platform on which entrepreneurial ideas for young women. These ideas across Africa are shared, nurtured and even ultimately developed into thriving businesses. The organization followed the trials and tested business incubator model where the focus is on start-up companies run by women.… Read the rest

Living Off The Grid And Reducing Carbon Footprint

Living Off Grid In Africa

Living Off-Grid

Time and tides wait for no man so goes the adage. Paul Chambers has made living on top of the Australian Bush with his wife Sarah a sustainable living project since their apartment is made of two shipping containers. He has done several developments from that time to spice up our lives!

Reason Of Making The Developments

We are not a couple who will move out of our relationship soon. We are industrious and believe the model of the current economy is not sustainable. We do interact with others in exchange of knowledge and experiences that teach us how to build a sustainable home.

It has been an uphill task since money, time and effort. It feels good having stepped out of the Ferris wheel and living more lightly.… Read the rest

African Farmers Find Solutions For Sustainable Agriculture

Green Revolution For Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living Solutions For Farmers

The concept of green revolution dates back to the early 1930s. When large-scale mechanization and adoption of technological innovations was embraced as a way to improve crop yields and overall agricultural efficiency. Among the important drivers of this movement include people like the geneticist Nazareno Strampelli and Norman Borlaug. Who has been recognized as the “father of the green revolution.”

Norman was eventually awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his extensive work. That reformed the irrigation techniques, farm management, distribution of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and other farm inputs that contribute to high yielding crops.… Read the rest

Use Earth-Friendly Sustainable Packaging When Shipping Products

Save the Earth

In today’s world, products get shipped to our place of business or our home on a regular basis.  Have you ever thought about how these products are packaged?  What happens to the packaging when the item is received?  Are the packages reusable, recyclable, or sustainable packaging to protect our environment? Sustainable packaging is the way of the future.  

Consumers should prefer and demand corporations to be environmentally friendly.  The use of such materials is the way forward for companies wishing to enhance their brand image through active engagement in sustainable packaging practices.

The image below clearly describes items that are not recyclable and reasons why they are not.  Education is a big step towards becoming environmentally-friendly. One has to create the awareness before change can happen.Read the rest

Sustainable Living Using Solar Heatings

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Over the recent past, one of the most popular narratives championed by socioeconomic reformers is the one that advocates for sustainable lifestyle choices. Numerous non-governmental agencies, social enterprises as well as organizations have been at the forefront driving the message of going green.

The idea that there are ways we can comfortably meet all our current economic and social needs without necessarily depleting natural resources for future generation has been gradually gaining traction in all regions of the globe. Most governments around the world are now recognizing the importance of this paradigm shift to sustainability and are even supporting the efforts to adopt technological innovations that embrace conservation.

Despite this, very few people on the ground understand the meaning of sustainable living and how they can participate individually.… Read the rest

Little Known Facts About Africa’s Green Architecture

Africa’s Green Architecture

 Green Architecture

The world has opted to make” green” their best color of choice which leads having cities, household and so on having the green color. The word green has been on everyone’s lips since with it life becomes safe and sustainable, the economy is stable, and energy is very efficient.

Known as the thought of architecture that encourages the use of sustainable energy, using energy in a suitable manner and the recycling and safety usage of building materials and more so the position of the building in a way that tries to create a difference to the environment. Africa is not behind in this “go green movement” that the world state. That shows how the go green has created an impact.

After conducting my research, I discovered that ‘green’ architecture means differently Africa than it does in America and other European Countries.… Read the rest

Sustainable Design Examples In South Africa

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

World’s most talented designers hail from South Africa, and collection of proving to support the facts are here with us. Starting with a collection of shipping containers that are reconstructed to build an orphanage known as New Jerusalem Orphanage. That shows sustainable design in the Karoo Wilderness Centre which is the country’s first Hemp House. Whereby it shows how diversity has occurred in the building industry.

A unique selection of materials which are fused together to bring sustainable designs is used hence placing the country at a better position globally and pleasing people from the locality.… Read the rest