How Cape Town Has Avoided The Dreaded Day Zero

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The most feared Day Zero made headlines during the more significant part of 2018 in Cape Town due to various reasons. On this day, it was anticipated that all water tapes would run dry due to persistent drought in the Western Cape region. Despite being a coastal city, there were fears that Cape Town would face severe clean water shortages never experienced before.

However, the dreaded Day Zero did not happen as expected, but the water crisis is not yet over. The water levels of all inland dams that supply fresh water to Cape Town residents remain critically low. The good thing is that water challenges are now manageable as various stakeholders have come up with different measures to avert the problem.

People from different parts of the globe can draw many lessons about how to save water from the Cape Town catastrophe.… Read the rest

New Homes in African are Adopting Energy Efficient Design Elements

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There is no doubt that Africa’s real estate sector is still young and underdeveloped. Currently, all indications are that the real estate sector in Africa is growing fast. According to analysts, this is due to the growing population levels in Africa as well as a rising middle class. For example, the continent’s current population of over 1 billion people is expected to double within 40 years. Some reports also project that by 2030, the population in African cities and urban areas will increase by 300 million people.

Indeed, according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the global building industry accounts for 30% of annual carbon emissions. The carbon emission highlights the growing need for green and sustainable practices within the real estate sector. Luckily, one energy-efficient design element that is quickly growing in popularity and that is the modern electric fireplace inserts.… Read the rest

2018 African Energy Indaba Conference

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This past February saw the annual meeting of the African Energy Indaba Conference. The 2018 event took place at the Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg, South Africa. The lead hosts this year were the South African National Energy Association. This was a fitting leader for the energy conference designed to bring together the best of national energy leaders. It was also co-hosted by the World Energy Council, SANEA, and NEPAD.

This conference is an annual review of current trends and the state of the industry across the continent. It is a chance to bring key players together under one roof to debate ideas, new policies, and alternative approaches. In addition to the talks at the conference, there is always a range of exhibitors with key products. Here African green organizations can improve their options and tech with new ideas.… Read the rest