African Farmers Find Solutions For Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Living Solutions For Farmers

The concept of green revolution dates back to the early 1930s. When large-scale mechanization and adoption of technological innovations was embraced as a way to improve crop yields and overall agricultural efficiency. Among the important drivers of this movement include people like the geneticist Nazareno Strampelli and Norman Borlaug. Who has been recognized as the “father of the green revolution.”

Norman was eventually awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his extensive work. That reformed the irrigation techniques, farm management, distribution of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and other farm inputs that contribute to high yielding crops.

Africa has been a continent lagging behind when it comes to technological innovations. One of the major problems that stand out in many countries across the continent is hunger. Incidentally, this is not due to the lack of factors of food production but rather the inefficiency in using the resources generously endowed by nature.  Better management of rainwater and water resources are needed.

This coupled with some other typical African problems such as governance and infrastructural issues. That means the green revolution success rate in the continent has been mostly subliminal. However, with the efforts of such organizations as the Alliance For A Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). A lot of initiatives have been started that are without doubt making a perceptible difference. Below are ways that AGRA has been facilitating tangible inroads in entrenching the green revolution within the continent.

Distribution Of Hybridized Seeds


With over 400 projects under its belt, AGRA has been a main major player in research and development activities revolving around the production of better seeds. Noteworthy is the fact that most farmers around Africa possess small holdings and are therefore rarely able to afford expensive farm inputs. Generally, subsistence farmers rely on previous harvests for their seeds, and that reduces overall crop yields.

Lobbying For Pro-Farmers National Policies

With the support of renowned organizations such as Rockefeller, Bill and Melinda Gates foundations. AGRA has been able to successfully reach out to relevant policymakers in governments with the goal of formulating laws that support farmers. Prominent African personalities including the former secretary-general of the UN, Kofi Annan have been at the forefront calling for unique solutions to drive the African green revolution.

Improving Soil Fertility


Soil fertility is a crucial prerequisite in any agricultural endeavour that entails planting. Farmers around Africa have been using manure as the primary fertilizer for a long time. The effectiveness of this farming technique is however limited especially when applied on a large scale. AGRA through its networks has over the years the supported distribution of affordable synthetic fertilizer alternatives thereby increasing crop yields.

 Supporting Information Systems Targeting Farmers

Efficient dissemination of useful information to farmers across the continent has been a major sticking point in the past. Most ordinary folks in Africa are not connected to the internet, because of the new mobile technology wave has spread. To that end, AGRA has supported initiatives from technology start-ups that seek to harness the power of ordinary mobile phones as a conduit of information for farmers in remote areas.

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