About Us


Our website africangreenrevolution.com shares information about the green revolution movement in Africa.  Solar Energy, Sustainable Living, Water Conservation and information about various Solar Energy organizations and associations are the main categories of this website.

African green revolution works across the continent to help the millions of small farmers that produce the food for 70 percent of the population of Africa—boost their farm productivity and income.

It supports many projects that include the efforts to produce and delivers the better seeds, improves soil fertility, increases garden yields, enhances market information systems and supports the national policies that benefit the small farmers.

The main aim of the green revolution is to play a significant role in transforming the food in Africa and to improve the income and productivity of farmers.

The major aspect of the Green Revolution is the use of solar energy. It is an intelligent way to support our ecosystem while reducing the energy cost and utility cost.

Africa renewable revolution consists of both off and on-grid solar power. Off-grid solar power has generated the energy in kilowatts and transformative for people’s lives. This system has the potential to fight against the indoor air pollution and gives a new light to African people.

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