Little Known Facts About Africa’s Green Architecture

Little Known Facts About Africa’s Green Architecture

 Green Architecture

The world has opted to make” green” their best color of choice which leads having cities, household and so on having the green color. The word green has been on everyone’s lips since with it life becomes safe and sustainable, the economy is stable, and energy is very efficient.

Known as the thought of architecture that encourages the use of sustainable energy, using energy in a suitable manner and the recycling and safety usage of building materials and more so the position of the building in a way that tries to create a difference to the environment. Africa is not behind in this “go green movement” that the world state. That shows how the go green has created an impact.… Read the rest

Sustainable Design Examples In South Africa

Sustainable Design Examples In South Africa

Sustainable Living

World’s most talented designers hail from South Africa, and collection of proving to support the facts are here with us. Starting with a collection of shipping containers that are reconstructed to build an orphanage known as New Jerusalem Orphanage. That shows sustainable design in the Karoo Wilderness Centre which is the country’s first Hemp House. Whereby it shows how diversity has occurred in the building industry.

A unique selection of materials which are fused together to bring sustainable designs is used hence placing the country at a better position globally and pleasing people from the locality.

Visserhoek School

Visserhoek Sustainable Living

We will have a greater depth of the different designs which will give us greater clarity of why the country does have broad global interest.… Read the rest

Soular Backpack Buy One Give One In Africa

Soular Backpack Buy One Give One In Africa

Backpack In Africa

Salim Visram is the name behind Soular company, a visionary twenty-three-year-old who touch and inspired by how poverty stricken children in rural areas in Kenya where unable to adequately conduct their studies due to inadequate light energy. This observation made her take it upon herself to develop a solution which entailed a Solar-powered backpack.

Visram through her Soular product which is the Solar-powered backpack has not only decrease the expense incurred by African children. Through the regular purchase of kerosene to fuel carcinogenic kerosene lamps and worked on reducing the vicious cycle of poverty. That hinders African children from furthering their studies, by providing a source of sustainable energy.

The Soular is launching their all new one for one model set for sale across North America.… Read the rest

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