List Of Sustainable Energy Organisations And Associations Working In Africa

Sustainable Organisations

Energy is very vital in the economy of any nation. That has lead to the establishment of numerous approaches as well as solutions in pursuit of sustainable alternative energy that is eco-friendly. Solar energy is one of the best eco-friendly sources of energy. The following are some of the organizations and associations dealing with the provision of green energy and solar power in Africa.

That has lead to the establishment of numerous approaches as well as solutions in pursuit of sustainable alternative energy that is eco-friendly.

1. Alliance For Green Revolution In Africa (AGRA)

Sustainable Organization

AGRA is an organization that believes that investing in Agriculture is the way out of poverty for Africa. As such it works with small-scale farmers to increase their productivity and income. For efficiency, they work together with partners such as farmers, governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society and the private sector.

2. Sustainable Energy Society Southern Africa(Sessa)

SESSA is an association whose primary aim is to popularize the use renewable energy. They are dedicated to building alternative energies such as thermal heating and cooling, biogas, hydropower and wind power.

3. Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA)

TAREA’s mission is to promote the growth of sustainable development and renewable energy in Tanzania. It is a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to conducting research and educating people on renewable energy

4. African Agriculture Capital(AAC)

Sustainable Associations

The AAC is an organization under the gates foundation that is dedicated to ending hunger and poverty in Africa. To achieve this goal, they fund small-scale farmers with funds to enable them to improve their farming so that they can improve their living standards.

5. African Seed Investment Fund

ASIF provides capital funds to seed companies in Africa. Some of the countries benefiting from these funds include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda and Mozambique.

6. Kenya Renewable Energy Association


KEREA is the Kenyan non-profit association dealing with renewable energy. Its main aim is to facilitate the growth of renewable energy businesses in Kenya.

7. Africa Sustainable Energy Association


ASEA is the Africa Association promoting green energy growth. It is committed to assisting its members to develop alternative energy sources.

8. World Wind Energy Association

WWEA is a worldwide association with 160 members from around 100 member countries. Its primary objective is to aid in making wind energy the preferred alternative energy as compared to fossil energy and nuclear energy.

9. Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP)

Solar energy

This organization works with developing countries to improve the living standard of the people by working with the local businesses. They do this by providing alternative energy such as efficient cook stoves, solar lighting, biogas and such.

10. The Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency Partnership(Reep)

REEP is an organization based in Australia but working with developing countries. They collaborate with the developing nations in pursuit of better economic standards for the people and a cleaner environment.

11. Mana Energy Foundation

MANA foundation is based in the United States and aims at aiding in the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. It works in Africa in its pursuit to offer cleaner water and safer energy.

12. Nuru Energy

Nuru is an organization funded by the World Bank. They provide alternative power to the rural areas. In their work, they have improved the lives and the livelihoods of thousands of people in the developing countries.

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