Use Earth-Friendly Sustainable Packaging When Shipping Products

Save the Earth

In today’s world, products get shipped to our place of business or our home on a regular basis.  Have you ever thought about how these products are packaged?  What happens to the packaging when the item is received?  Are the packages reusable, recyclable, or sustainable packaging to protect our environment? Sustainable packaging is the way of the future.  

Consumers should prefer and demand corporations to be environmentally friendly.  The use of such materials is the way forward for companies wishing

How To Save Water In Africa And Around The World

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water is a valuable resource in our environment. Small adjustments done daily on our routines can make a big difference when it comes to conserving water. Water conservation is a practice that is being done everywhere even in areas where there is an abundance of water.

By conserving water, we can prevent water pollution and also cut down on water bills. There are many ways as well as approaches in which you can save water in your environs. …

Sustainable Living Using Solar Heatings

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

Over the recent past, one of the most popular narratives championed by socioeconomic reformers is the one that advocates for sustainable lifestyle choices. Numerous non-governmental agencies, social enterprises as well as organizations have been at the forefront driving the message of going green.

The idea that there are ways we can comfortably meet all our current economic and social needs without necessarily depleting natural resources for future generation has been gradually gaining traction in all regions of …

Solar Generators For Homes In Africa

Mintainace - Solar Energy

Solar Energy Generators In Africa

It is no mystery that Africa is known to be the continent with the highest number of under-developed and developing countries. One of the major factors that make this fact reality is the lack of sustainable power. Most people sit back in their little towns and complain about their governments’ incompetence. As well as the squandering of public funds rather than using it to provide electricity to their villages and homesteads.

Otherwise known as …

List Of Sustainable Energy Organisations And Associations Working In Africa


Sustainable Organisations

Energy is very vital in the economy of any nation. That has lead to the establishment of numerous approaches as well as solutions in pursuit of sustainable alternative energy that is eco-friendly. Solar energy is one of the best eco-friendly sources of energy. The following are some of the organizations and associations dealing with the provision of green energy and solar power in Africa.

That has lead to the establishment of numerous approaches as well as solutions …

Little Known Facts About Africa’s Green Architecture

Africa’s Green Architecture

 Green Architecture

The world has opted to make” green” their best color of choice which leads having cities, household and so on having the green color. The word green has been on everyone’s lips since with it life becomes safe and sustainable, the economy is stable, and energy is very efficient.

Known as the thought of architecture that encourages the use of sustainable energy, using energy in a suitable manner and the recycling and safety usage of building materials …

Sustainable Design Examples In South Africa

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

World’s most talented designers hail from South Africa, and collection of proving to support the facts are here with us. Starting with a collection of shipping containers that are reconstructed to build an orphanage known as New Jerusalem Orphanage. That shows sustainable design in the Karoo Wilderness Centre which is the country’s first Hemp House. Whereby it shows how diversity has occurred in the building industry.

A unique selection of materials which are fused together to bring sustainable

Soular Backpack Buy One Give One In Africa

Solar Energy

Backpack In Africa

Salim Visram is the name behind Soular company, a visionary twenty-three-year-old who touch and inspired by how poverty stricken children in rural areas in Kenya where unable to adequately conduct their studies due to inadequate light energy. This observation made her take it upon herself to develop a solution which entailed a Solar-powered backpack.

Visram through her Soular product which is the Solar-powered backpack has not only decrease the expense incurred by African children. …